Roman Mokrenko Aerial Act / Воздушный гимнаст Роман Мокренко

I am a creative professional athlete who has several years of experience as an aerial gymnast, who owns two prepared performances. I am interested in working with you. I am ready for cooperation and open for creating new acts. Now available.


Now I have 2 aerial (straps,silks) solo acts and also have a prepared act for duo (straps). But I am open for new challenging acts using all of my best and learning something new. It would be great to make new acts during contract. However I see myself preferably as an aerialist and want to make progress in this way because I like it more. Now I'm going to make a silks act and later an aerial pole act.


As having gymnastic and sports acrobatic background I can do following:

  • floor acrobatics (e.g. flips, flick-flack)
  • handstand, planch and other balance elements
  • sports acrobatics (few years experience in mixed acro duo)
  • basic gymnastic elements on parallel bars, high bar, rings and pommel horse





I'm looking forward to hearing from you if there are any offers or vacancies. Feel free to ask any information you need.

Best regards,


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